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Saturday Training 7-30-11: Maunawili Out & Back Practice; Pigs Invited

Aloha Athletes,

Another week of running on the Maunawili Trail. 

An early start this week: 5:30 a.m. at the Pali Lookout. There will be water at the far end. Don't forget though, race requirements state you must carry at least 40 ounces of fluids. This is all practice. That includes practicing your nutrition, electrolytes and hydration, etc. 

Crazy pig We are inviting the pigs out too. Might as well get all the characters involved. 

I am sure there will be someone running up at Peacock too. Just post your plans if you would like company in the comments below. 

Get out their and run!

Aloha, Bob


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This is way more hefplul than anything else I've looked at.


I'll be heading out from Pali closer to 6:00 than 5:30. Moderate pace of O/B @ about 5:30.


Rosie, I start when they open the gate at the airfield. About 6:45. I suggest that whoever goes bring extra water to stash.


Gordon what time are you starting?

Bob Mc.

Gordon, There is no such thing as a short preview of the new P100K loop. That is an ultra lie. There is half a 100k and the full 100k. Neither are short. So subtle these veteran ultra runners. Be careful newbies.


I will do a short preview of the new P100K loop on Saturday....

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