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Peacock 100k info and call for volunteers

Hi all: We plan on having one extra aid station at the Peacock 100 Km this year, probably at the entrance to Gordon's loop, where I was the first year we had the race.  We are asking for a volunteer or two to take on this aid station.  You will not need 4 wheel drive since you won't be on the fire roads.  I will apply for all the permits needed, but need volunteer info asap.  Please e-mail me, cetacean6 at for more information.

I have also updated the ultrasignup webpage for the race.  These are first-draft, living documents that will get better with age. Any input such as GPS maps and elevation information will be greatly appreciated.  Again, please feel free to e-mail any of that to me, and I will incorporate that into those documents.

Here is the unfinished Peacock runners manual

Here are a couple maps will get better as we receive more GPS information.  I can e-mail these maps in a much larger format if you'd like.
Loop 1 (Follow Red, then Blue)
Loop 2 (Follow Brown, Red, Blue)

Aloha, Rob


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HOLY COW. You guys weren't lying. Peacock is freakin legit. Going back up long road is like running to heaven or something. Seems like a sick joke at the half way point. Thank you for the crazy challenge - Matt


Very nice job on the rough draft manual! Getting excited about this event!!! Aloha


Rob, G (Jr): same here as Muenchy!!


Gonna miss the fun of running at Peacock but please count me in as a volunteer. I would like to help out.


You make it seem so appealing! Too bad you couldn't get approval for a 20 hour cut-off! It's gonna be a tough one!


Rob, If you need any prerace help, or ribboning let me know.

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