Triple Trek Repeats for Saturday
Ultra trail de Mont Blanc report

Molokai East to West: an Ultra Running Adventure

Molokai    The Crew:  Julie T, Jan M, Mikey, and Stephane ('French Fry') successfully completed the Molokai Ultra Run, from East to West end, this past weekend.  a 2-day staged run from end to end of the island, and a 3rd day spent on seacliff trails...  Click here to read the Molokai Adventure Run report - janM Download Molokai_Island_UltraRun2011


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Hi there. My husband and I are going to be in Oahu Oct 30th. We are staying at Turtle Bay Resort and would like to know if there is any running trails in this area. This is a great web site. Waiting to hear.....Thanks

Judy and Shawn Frisby from B.C.


Nice report "Trippie". Everyone should try a Molokai adventure. It is truly a special place.
Your description of the party at the campground brought back memories of our stay at one of the two local hotels before running the Molokai 100K. The party there went on 'till midnight....loud!!,
They do have fun over there on the weekends!


What a fantastic adventure. Thanks for a great read.


Great read and Great Job by you all!!!!


Great report! I'm so jealous I couldn't come with you guys on all of these amazing island adventures!

Francine Baumann

Splendid adventure! I enjoyed a lot reading this funny and lively story... thanks so much for sharing your trip and your feelings


Wow...What an adventure!!! Very nice write up indeed Jan!! My Mom is from Ho`olehua. The last time I was on Moloka`i was at least ten years ago when a couple cousins and I flew over to pick opihi for a graduation party. What an experience that was! Aloha

paul Hopi

Congrats on another island adventure guys .Awesome write up and report ,most entertaining .It's the sideshow that makes it!, the running is just a distraction : ) . alohas .

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