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August 16, 2011


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paul Hopi

Matt i knew it ! you took a short cut ! It's a 102,000ftgain/loss.


Thank you everybody! If my daughters let me go, I'll try to join you saturday for the one loop...
I was very impressed by your 7-9K because I use to count meters!!!


no worries, John, b/c I have a plan to lower the course record this year. I call it the 2 loop plan!!!! And my figure of 98,000 was just an approximation (:


Francine, The up is probably 1700 feet to the top, with a couple of small ups and downs make it 2000 feet change to top. Another 2000 to bottom. Rougly 4K change total for each loop. This trail is much easier than Maunawili. You will fly. An easy 2:20 for you. Just follow somebody for the down as there are about a half dozen trail junctions. Have fun!


Don't listen to Matt.........he's the course record holder, but really embellishes everything (think brags). And he can't handle the distance any more!

The altitude gain is somewhere around 7-9K (I think)!


only 10 bucks...what a bargain!

PS: answer to previous question. 98,000 ft. gain/loss


Hello, can somebody tell me the total difference in altitude for this race?

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