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Hal.........give me a call sometime and I'll clarify.




I am one of those unfortunates who live on the mainland (I am retired Navy, though, and spent some time at Pearl Harbor...)... Would offering to arrive early and help set up/prepare for the race count at all for the HURT community service? I haven't entered for the 2012 race, but hope to compete in 2013


Great job clarifying things, Jeff! I didn't even enter this year, but am watching this discussion closely. I think some of the problem is that this race was probably at one time conceived as a means to have a race by locals, for locals. It is now experiencing growing pains as it has become a world class race, drawing a lot of interest from the national and international race community. That in itself reflects very well on the hard work and aloha spirit of you, John and PJ and all the other volunteers!

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