Friday Night Run - Windward Side
Peacock 100 info request

Another Saturday option...
A small group of us will be running the top secret trails above the North Shore surf breaks again this weekend. So if you trashed yourself last weekend (like I did), and would enjoy a slightly less punishing run this weekend (like I would), so you can trash yourself again next weekend (like I'm going to), then come up and join us for 2 or 3 (or ?) hours on the shaded, uncrowded, awesome trails of the North Shore. Meeting at the Sunset Beach Elementary School at 6:30 AM Saturday.


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Steve Villiger

Hi Francine,
I just found out that the other runners want to start at 6. Can you make it up here by 6?
Sorry for the late notice. You can call me at 277-3730.

Francine Baumann

OK Steve I'll leave home before 5:30. Thank you!

Steve Villiger

Hi Francine,
It will take a little over one hour to get here from Kouli'ouou. Meet at the Sunset Beach Elementary school. See you tomorrow.

Francine Baumann

I'd like very much this option, I'll be very happy to discover the secret trails of North Shore. How long must I plan to drive from Kouli'ouou? Maybe somebody can drive me with him?

A second question is: why everybody at HURT always wants to run so early??? I'm from New Caledonia and, as latin people, I am unable to go to bed early...

Thanks to the ones who will answer!

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