Pounding the Peacock Pavement; Long Road Redux; Kealia Kalamities; Hard Times at Bad Water Stash.
Back to Back Bad Ass Training Binge

Hi HURT club members,
I'm Brandon, a runner from AZ, visiting O'ahu until September 28th. I would like to join the group for a couple of the upcoming training runs at Peacock. I have access to a car and could offer a ride from Aina Haiana area. Would like to have a contact at the run to make sure I know the routine before running in unfamiliar territory. I can be reached at 520-780-0938. THX and see you on the trail.


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Kalapu Ulavale

If you no do Peacocks, you can come out for da night loop at top Manoa, 5:30pm. Need lights, water bottles, electrolytes and nutrition. You can bail at 12miles if you like. See comments previous post for more details. I no like use da phone so maybe I get somebody else to call you. Kalapu.

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