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September 07, 2011


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Douggie you want 'em to be soft but not too soft and you want 'em light but not too light, and of course, you got to have traction, but not too much traction. Why worry, it is not your feet that's gonna be suffering, its yer head dude. Don't think too much cause it won't matter, what ever you.

Doug R (aka Doug #3)

Thanks for all the advice everyone. One last question, what's the terrain/footing like in terms of shoe type. I've got 3 different trail shoes that I run in. I know it is not like the Tantalus system, does it compare to any of the other area trails?


Time for The Dougs to dominate... Im predicting 1, 2, 3 finish this year at Peacock, only thing to change will be the last name. HAHA

Doug Baker

Hi Doug R.

I'd suggest the following gear for running at Peacocks: 90+ ounces of water, several: energy bars, gels, or other edibles, hat, sunblock and your typical running shirt/shorts.

Doug Long

Well Doug #3, Peacock is allot different than Tantalus in terms of weather and terrain goes. As far as what to bring, that really depends on how much you are plannning/willing to do, and your own requirements/physical conditioning. More is always better can be very good advise at Peacock especially when talking about fluids. Really it comes down to how much time are you planning on spending out there, and a good starting point would be about 4-5 hours since there isn't really any place to bail depending on what you commit yourself to running. Please feel free to ask more questions if you have them, and I hope others will respond to your current post as well... being well informed and prepared can make a huge differenceon your enjoyment factor.

cheryl loomis

anyone needs SUCCEED Caps...I have new supply...


Well said Marv! Maybe a HURT shirt recall?

Doug Rosaaen

I'm looking to be there for the 0630 start time, i will admit i'm a peacock newbie though compared to my time on other trails/HURT series races. Having finished TTT, I'm looking to try the peacock 100. I'd greatly appreciate any tips for how much to carry/what to bring/what to wear. Thanks, Doug.


WOW!!!! I'm all fired up!!! Now I just need to heal up a couple of body parts and I'll be good to go...


Now I feel motivated :)

cheryl loomis

nice job Marv!!


Yes!!! Bring it on!!


Holy S***! That sounds scary! LOL!!! Well put! LOL.


real training scares me!!!!

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