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September 24, 2011


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Runners manual updated. Still need a couple of things--especially the elevation, but mostly done.


A word of advice for all the other new meats out there like myself regaurding getting lost. Don't run a trail unless you have a map on you with entire course on it. Put it in a plastic bag. Carry a compass on you. Only run as far as water capability. When you get to half of your water you brought out, YOU ARE ON RESERVE. Turn around when you are at 60% - 70% because you burn more water later. Don't get into the habit of stashing water because when the shit hits the fan YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT BACK to your source. Bring reserve meal that you do not touch when running incase you get lost. Always carry a headlamp even in the day time. Always extra batteries. This seems like way too much to bring out everytime, however, if you go at it alone or are unfamiliar, these are solid habits that it not broken will save your life. Stay safe out there. Sometimes your intention is to run 40 and you are only capable of running 15 safely. If you have to ask yourself should I turn around or keep going, turn around. ;) Have fun. This trail is rediculous, as I just found out lastnight


Peacock Flats (Dillingham Airport - Kealia)
Control Tower Parking Lot
The main starting/staging area for Peacock is the Dillingham Airport Control Tower parking lot. Access to the parking lot is limited to 0700-1800 hours, but hours are somewhat variable. The gates have been known to be open earlier than 0700, but you might end up waiting outside for security to unlock them. Airport security is around 24/7, so they will let you out if you are still inside past 1800 hours.
Facilities: 2 bathrooms (It’s a good idea to have your own toilet paper should the bathrooms be out.)
Water: Spigots for filling bottles and packs.
Parking: Parking lot
Safety: 24/7 security. No known cases of car break-ins or thefts. Probably one of the safer places on the island to park.
Google Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/nhlemc


Realistically though, spontaneous isn't working so well though, so I understand if no one bites. Some runs start dehydrated, some not fueled properly, ... gotta prep 2 days out for success it seems. I will just keep poking my head on here and see if the stars align


Sean, yea cool man. I get it now. I was all jacked up from run eating at anna millers at like 330 am and I misread what Rob was saying. I understand what you guys are saying. I just have issue with running the thing with someone because I am a bit spontaneous. 2 kids/wife - and trying to put in 140 - 180 mile weeks together = " I think I will go on a run in 7 minutes " know what I mean? It is like any window I can get. When I schedule them she has a diffifult time with it. If anyone knows someone I can call that would be down to run 20 - 40 at a moments notice... that would be baddass

Erik Tanaka

Hi, all! May I ask exactly where is the airport where everyone meets on Saturdays at 6:30 in preparation for October 29? Thanks very much in advance for letting me know =) Aloha, Erik

Francine Baumann

Hello everybody, after a very nice training with some crazy and enthusiastic HURT runners last saturday morning (why HURT people love to wake up so early???) (thanks a lot Steve for this wonderful discovery of your top secret trails), and reading your comments, I think that I should better offer to help for the Peacock race... I can help for marking, or maybe accompanying runners, or what else could be helpful. Just let me know.


Rob wasn't trying to be rude. He probably thought you were joking, which to be honest, is what I (and probably most people who are familar with the course) thought when I read your original comment.
See...Peacock is truly a brutal course. Per mile, it is arguably tougher than the HURT 100 course. It's a 2 loop course and you're looking at nearly 10,000' of elevation gain for each loop. There is almost no shade, it's incredibly hot and there is only one spot where you can drop water. There are numerous trail junctions so if you are unfamilar with the trails you will...repeat WILL...get lost. It you look at the race signup page on Ultra Signup it flatly says if you are unfamilar with the course....don't sign up. And if you look at the other comments on the post you'll note that even some of the regulars are unsure of where to go, as the course has changed for this year.
No one is saying that you don't have the guts or stamina to do the race. If you did 3 loops at HURT you are obviously capable of attemting Peacock. But please...go up there with someone who knows the trails first. Don't attempt it on your own.


Man, I am just stoked that you aren't pissed at me for sounding like a dumbass. Thank you for the offer, seriously. After I said what I said, that's really cool. I think I am going to stick to the HURT trail though. There is so much going on up there, and constantly changing...Enough to keep me busy for a while. Unless of course you say that the Peacock is a must do.. But thank you very much. My apologies. I look forward to meeting you in the future. Keep it easy


Dude, I'm so sorry. What I wrote completely sucked and is not what this group is about. I didn't show the aloha spirit and I apologize. Let me make it up to you--send me an e-mail at the address listed in the post and I'll pay for your entry into the race. I'll do this under 2 conditions: 1) that until you know the course you promise to run with someone already familiar and 2)you bring at least 72 ounces of water with you up there.

MAtt leathers

Rob, sorry. Just finished 3 loops up at HURT course in fastest time so far... Read what you said and it doesnt sound bad at all now.. MY BAD. I feel like an ass. Putting out gets the emotions running amok. Sorry for the rude comments. Ill stay off of here

MAtt leathers

Ps. How many kukui nuts you get for laughing at someone and telling them they dont have what it takes to run your race online?

MAtt leathers

Ok. I wont run it. Sounds to tough. We'll see whos laughing in January.... Thanks


While everyone is talking about the elevation change and GPS I couldn't help but wonder if anyone has coordinates for some of the trail intersections. I tried running the course for the first time last weekend and couldn't find some of the turns. Probably too busy panting to notice the trail markers.


Darn automatic word selection. Fix the words in your head for me. It is early.


My take on the elevation gain is a ton of ups followed by a tone of downs and nothing that remotely loos "flat" except maybe the ocean view. I will look to see if I marked the different sections. Fun stuff yesterday!


Sorry. Let me re-phrase that. I do not think it would be wise for a new person to try and tackle this course, especially by themselves, if they are not already familiar.
and I should have entered 'Peacock' with 1 c in my previous comment


Dear Matt: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah
okay, now that I have that out of my system. I also wanted to let everyone know that we only have a dozen spots open for the race. So if you're on the fence, now's the time to pull the trigger.
just look up 'Peaccock' on Ultrasignup.com


Newbie Matt here. You guys have a basic map of this? If so, I will help with your gps info. I am so new, I have no idea where this is. Could do both loops this week though


Rob, if nobody gets you the data this weekend, I'll be going next weekend on both days and get it for you. Elevation I'm guessing will be in ft absl?


I don't know what happened to my formatting...looked good when I typed it. Anyway, I guess you'll just have to imagine the lines that fill in the table.

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