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Kalapu Ulavale

Wet, muddy, rainy, windy, but did 15 with the Sons of Kaupekamoku. Great time. Kaiana kept us laughing with great stories of jokes he played on Kamehameha. He complained that Kam really had no sense of humor and cut him from the ruling committee for putting a poopy cushion under Kams thrown pillow. Kaiana admitted he hung around with Ka'ahumanu a lot, but was insistent that he did so in order to make the moves on her mother. ....Just goes to show that the truth is often stranger than myth....

Kalapu Ulavale

5:30 was not judged close enough to dark. 6:34 voted in as departure time. Complaints from the locals that they had to get up too early and be on the trails before dark. The living leave the top of Manoa road at 6:34, will meet up with the others at the falls. Alu loa, alu vave, au'a le pisa!

Kalapu Ulavale

HURT Saturday night fix. Some kane gonna be there about 5:30PM same place as las time top manoa road. You like get a quick hele ana po an climb wid da spirits up Aihuilama you can be there too. Bring da lights an vai for you need cause some da guys you runnin with no need either. Stashes is stocked with vai. Tough crowd so be polite. Cantact kahiau419 at gmail for make sure. Soifua, Kalapu

Doug Baker

I love the title of this post - so funny!

Steve Villiger

Oh, and the good news is, it's only supposed to get up to 90 degrees on Saturday!

Steve Villiger

A few of us are starting at Long Road at 4:30 am, if anyone wants to join us. So far it looks like Doug B., Scott G., Rosie and me. So if any of you are stupid, I mean inspired run up long road at 4:30 am, we'll see you there! Just remember, if you park in the neighborhood, please keep your voices down so we don't wake the residents.
--Steve V.

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