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October 30, 2011


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Tarnia Chaigit

The team of 4 is a must-doable project. The statement of running a little over 2x10Ks a day or a little half marathon is very tempting :) Maybe next year I'll train to do it.


I single 'ran' this last year and can agree that it provided a great deal of interesting scenery, most of which was, in fact, real. I met many interesting people along the way. Talked with the legendary Kamohomoho and chatted with some naked guy in Hana who thought I was stealing his mail box. I enjoyed the back sides of both east and west, and found the Pleasure Palaces of Kublah Khan particularly beautiful. I can recommend this run to anyone who is already mad, or seeks to approach the outer limits of that space. When they say 'Maui No Ka Oi', I think the People of Old were saying something entirely different from today. I hope to do The Run this year as well, though as a double, and hope to end up with a sunrise on the Summit. Thanks loads to Paul for getting this going as it is a must do Classic.

paul Hopi

Thanks HURT for posting our little adventure : ) . There is a basic course/route map posted on Matt Holton's cool blog at mauirunner.com Great job at Peacock everyone,sounded tough , alohas .. Paul H.

Matt Stevens

sounds like a blast; wish I could be there! Take care Maui bruddahs

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