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October 05, 2011


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Anyone want to do the first "full" loop with me Saturday the 15th? It will be nice and easy :) (pace that is).

Skyler's Mom

Whoever marked Peacocks with ribbons ... thank you


Rene, you can contact me at mmuench01 at gmail. We can discuss it. I'm all for doing something in that area, editing is no problem. mikem

rene mcwade

Mike, i would think it would be a really good thing to take this talk, with some editing, to the high schools. i really like Paul's comment too, Being smart is not being weak. i would be willing to help you organize it. the concepts apply to many activities, skateboarding for example.......aloha, rene


Thanks Mike! I am aiming for Friday, but might just wait until 0500 Saturday with Cheryl @ long road. I do carry my phone, fully charged and carry the extra stuff I need 4 potential problems and for the exta hours. Peacocks and I are becoming one: lots of nice hills and too hot for all of you! Lol

Paul S.

I went running Sun over my normal Maunawili route with a plan to go 'long'. With some health issues present, I heard this voice of Mikey in my head talking about everything from types of Hawaiian fruit, old local sayings & listening to your body. I stopped, ate my gel & turned around. Being smart is not weak. Lots of training with ya Mike, seems to sink in. Or maybe it was that mtn apple talking to me. Feeling much better but docs are still checking me out. All good & will be going long & smart soon enough. Paul

Doug Baker

Unfortunately I won't be able to go out there on Saturday due to family obligations. So I'll be heading out on Sunday at 5:00am starting from the bottom of the long road if anyone wants to tag along. I'll be doing the 2nd loop of the race course.

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