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October 18, 2011


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Coach outlet

COSMIC by Frank Cottrell Boyce: 12-year-old Liam is tall enough to be mistaken for an adult, and cons his way into winning a contest to chaperone four other kids on a trip into outer space. What happens when the kids break the ship and look to Liam - the "adult" - to fix everything?


@ Gordon, use me ya need me! See ya at the airfield!


Benita, Huddy will cover that area. And Steve has Are's loop. More help is needed on Makai rd and Gordons loop. If anyone wants to do minor trail work like repairing the mini-slide or trimming back some of the brush plz bring your own tools.....mahalo all....


I can do long road and cross over. But I want to start early. Please let me know.


Should be there Saturday to do whatever trail marking needs are left. Looking forward to an 'easy day' out there, if there's such a thing!


Agree with Arvel, WOW! I'm thinking a HURT novel is in the works.
Great idea for the Pau Hana - nice way to end our Peacock training. Look forward to seeing everyone Sat @ 0700 - willing to help wherever needed.


Wow!!! Just reading that scared the crap out of me :) Yet it was so very true in every word!! I will be at the Pau Hana and help with setup and take down, resting for a "road" run the next day! We have tables that I can bring too!!

Skyler's mom

Eloquent ode, and spot-on. My son says he will wait awhile to seriously run Peacocks again -- when his "Peacock PTSD" has [hopefully] subsided!


I'm in for an easy 13-15 miles, where ever you need me to go! See you at seven on Saturday! Is anyone bringing a shovel to clear some of that landslide on the Kuaokala single track?

steve villiger

I can help mark the start of the Lolo Loop section. My plan is to go up Kealia, hang a left on Are's (east makai), then hang a right on cross over road to stash, then back down switch backs, then pau.
--Steve V.

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