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November 03, 2011


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Again, the scoring pages were unreadable.........sorry to all!

ryan m

ryan murphy #234 - 17:55 not 19:25


Sean Thomas Kelly

Not that it matters much in the grand scheme of things but I ran a 17:07 not 16:07. Apologies to Mr. Huddleston who can move up a place. Your prize money stays the same but you get a bump in the coinage of the ego. Altogether a good time, thanks everyone involved for putting on a great race. Aloha, Sean Kelly. #222


Did Brent make it out ok? I was one of the runners that walked him to the aid station, just wanted to make sure he's ok.

Everybody else, thanks for a great event!


Much mahalo Sue........you're the best!


I'm not ready for the HURT trails yet - so will plan to do Are's, Kealia trail and crossover to take down the markers. Anyone want to join, I will plan to start at the airfield @ 0700.


I had so much fun! Could I have gone farther, could I have gone faster, could I have had more fun? Maybe, but what is done is done and I am still hi as a kite! Thanks everyone for the inspiration! Even if the three-way became an 8-way, with a little way to finish the loop. Thanks Rob for the pick-me-up music!

Erik Tanaka

Saturday was one of the best days of my life! One of the most agonizing, too! ^_^ I was really struck by how everyone exemplified ALOHA every step of the way. In return, I'm set to volunteer in January for you all. Thanks a million, H.U.R.T. Hawaii! Aloha, Erik http://vimeo.com/31321341


Yes Sue, I will be up there hunting this weekend and will take down whatever signs and ribbons I come up on. I will most likely not do Are's - Kealia trail and crossover. If anyone does remove any signs, plz save them. Much mahalo to everyone involved in the Peacock 100K !!


Is there a plan to take down our trail markings at Peacock this weekend?


There is a trail god! Thanks a bunch Kukukinmamaunui for the time dividend!

Doug Long (Road)

What an amazing adventure, I've still been running through my head how I could have gained a few minutes on Harold and take second place, but the only possible way I could beat him is have the rain smudge his time... Muahahaha Now instead of his being 14:24 it's 14:44!!! Absolutly diabolical!
In all seriousness though, I have found my new favorite race, and hope to keep coming back for more... you know, just to see if that 13:09 mark can be lowered a little ;)


patrick castello 19:14


Great job by everyone, was an epic race with near perfect conditions. I just want to point out a mistake I see in the results, my finish time 17:51 not 19:51.



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