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Missing Race Supplies

Aloha Race Directors and others,

I have corresponded with all the Trail Series RDs recently, and everyone replied indicating the missing tables and coolers were not in their possession. We know the stuff is out there somewhere (three orange drink coolers, two big white Costco tables, and one shorter white Costco table).

RDs, please think of anyone and everyone involved with your races that might have helped take these items away from one of the races. I suspect someone took the items and stored them somewhere obscure, and just forgot about them.

We do need these for HURT 100, but I would like to have them back to get them cleaned up and inventoried ASAP.

Please help out and check with all of your volunteers, and in the back of your garage, under your house, in your storage lockers, trunks, closets, behind the refrigerator, etc.

Anyone with a good plan on how we can keep track of the race supplies as it moves from one RD and one race to another during the year, I am open for suggestion!!!

Please reply to PJ at hurtpals at aol dot com.
Many mahalos.


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Thanks Benita!!!! I've heard from a few others, and n
ow all that seems to be missing is one long Costco table.


I got some stuff and just emailed PJ! No tables in my inventory.

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