Turkey Trot
Missing Race Supplies

Post Thanksgiving Runs

For Saturday the post time is 6:00 AM  and the distance is a HURT Loop.  The Departure point is the top of Manoa Road, as parking is easier and usually safer there.   

Check out the HURT turkeytrot  loop in the previous post.  

If you are going out at another time, please post it here as a comment.  I'm sure plenty of runners are ready to go but will be lacking the incentive after the family actions of the Thursday and Friday. A little company on the trails is always a great way to go farther. 

Please Post your Friday Runs, Saturday alternatives, and Sunday starts.  It's a heavy weekend and some people need a bit of help doing the do.  Post your out times and maybe you'll find a new running buddy. Everyone needs all the help they can get right about now.  

(The stashes have been rewatered, but don't know how long that will last!  Run heavy, run prepared. ) 


Aloha.   Mikem 


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sean run bum

hey guys... sorry I can't figure out where or how to start posts.
but any ways...
My name is Run Bum. I travel around the world running ultras. I will be in oahu 7 am dec 6 until 7pm dec7th on a lay over..

I am looking for someone to take me on a run/s will be coming from an over night flight from S korea.

have been to oahu before. ran (well bush whacked) some crazy trail in the middle of the island.. looking for something that has alot of up and down and or some really scenic views so I can put it in some video for www.RunBum.com my website.

looking for a place to crash and or someone to take me for a run.

please let me know if you know of anyone.

running Angkor wat half marathon here in cambodia in 6 days here :)

Sean Run Bum

Bob Mc.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Barbi and I will be going out Sunday morning. Planning a 6:30 a.m. start from the water tank/park below the Nature Center. Plan is to do 30 miles (if I can avoid all low branches). Thanks to Huddy for removing the beast from last week.

Ended up doing a 20 mile loop yesterday due to a change in plans. It was pretty nice out there-a bit drier.

On Saturday we are doing one through the Garden to lookout starting at 6:30 before we get tied up with other commitments.

Feel free to join us. Aloha, Bob


Fish and I will be doing a 32 mile Peacock loop on Saturday starting from Dillingham. Be self sufficiant with H2o.


MM: An anonymous donor dropped more water at Paradise and JAG yesterday.


Jackass has 7+ gallons of water
Pairodice has 4+ gallons

Happy rolling!

bj haeck


I'm coming over from the mainland to do some practice on the course beginning on Friday, Dec. 2. Anyone who is familiar with the course interested in doing a HURT loop beginning about 2:30 PM on Dec. 2? I understand that tackling even part of it at night by yourself if you don't know the course is not recommended . . .

Feel free to comment or to contact me directly at bengator@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Ben Haeck

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