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November 09, 2011


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Pacers are over rated. The only pacer I've had have used me to mule his lights and extra water and then gave me grief about being so slow. I finally pushed him off the trail and threw dirt over him. Dead pigs and bad pacers....they smell the same. I wouldn't count on a pacer showing up at the race. You need to actively seek one out and train a bit with them so they understand your needs. It will save you a manslaughter charge as a result of poor race day communication.


mikem, i am definitely down running with someone else. on the weekends saturday is my day. wife works. i always depart from nature center. run full loops, or go from manoa to nuuanu back to manoa to nuuanu and back down, or doubles/triples/quadruples depending on mileage.
this saturday is just a double full from nature center if anyone would like to join. the focus right now is to minimize ankle twists, so time will be cruise. if we feel like manoa to nuuanu was weak, we can always add another.
I was wondering about pacers for the HURT. If anyone can point me in the right direction I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. I am failing in that department for sure. Will there be pacers at the race that we can use??


I have new supply of Clip2 and Succeed Caps....just let me know if you need.

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