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fast-packing Manaslu circuit Nepal Nov 2012

Think No More: HURT Training is Now Real.

So all the indecision is out of this equation.  Either you is or you aint.   If you is then the concept of this Saturday's training is going to get really familiar.   


Hurt loop

Don't you Live Here?


Time:  6:00 AM

Place:  Nature Center 

What:  Whatever that thing is in the picture.

Parking:  Lots of people like to park down by the Water Tank as it is safer.  Plenty cracked glass up in the official lot.  

Enjoy!  And if you can not enjoy, suffer through.  It is good training which ever way you get it done. 

Aloha,  Mikem



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Paul S.

Hannah: If Fri doesn't work, join me Sat night.

Bob Mc.

Doing early, early (that means well before the sun comes up) run on Saturday due to work/family commitments in the Garden and up to the lookout.

We are going out Sunday. Starting at 6:30 a.m. and parking by the water tank/park below the Nature Center. Plan to do one loop + some added miles. Possibly a reverse trek loop.


Anyone going out Friday night? I sure hope I remember the way :)

Paul S.

Heading out Sat night

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