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December 07, 2011


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Maggie, trail running along HURT trails now requires 'Creature from the Mud Lagoon' attire. I'll give you a call the next time I go out, though the Total Lunatic Eclipse Run took a bit out of me. I suggest you head up to the Nature Center and do a few 'inner loops' as a starter. Contemplating more, without understanding the muddy quality of the trails is not really wise, no matter what your mainland experience.


hey there....this is maggie, from new york. would totally love to jump in on a trail run with you guys. please let me know if anyone is going out this week. dying to see the island trails and dyin to run. did the marathon today...& had i check out this post earlier, i so woudla been down with the saturday night run.
maggie 315-559-4081.


STASH AT JACK ASS HAS 17+ GALLONS. should last till after Christmas. run hard!


Mike, I'm too bust up to double this year so the streak ends. If you want to meet with Kawika and me at the marathon start we'll be at the mauka-Ewa corner of Piioki about 15 minutes before the start. Under the big 1350 sign. Gentlemanly pace.


I'm looking to do a loop after the Big Sprint. Probably start at Makiki around 11 or so. Anyone down? Otherwise I could be talked into a night loop to pregame for the marathon.

Bob Mc.

Good luck to everyone running the marathon. Barbi and I plan on a couple of over and backs starting from Paradise about 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning. On Sunday we are looking at doing 30 starting from Paradise. Thinking about a 6:00 a.m. start time Sunday. I hope to get 5 gal's of water dropped to Nuuanu Friday. My day is filling up but that is the plan.
Aloha, Bob


Rob, you spelled "lunatic" wrong. Should have been 'Total-lunatic-eclipse-pre-marathon-trail-marathon'


If anyone else wants to head out for this 'Total-lunar-eclipse-pre-marathon-trail-marathon' feel free to meet at the water tank at 7(ish).


Rob, sounds good. I'll email you.


Mike: I was planning to start a slow loop on Saturday night at 7. I was also hoping to get in 1-2 hogsback repeats before heading down to the marathon. But if your more interested in doing a double, let me know.

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