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December 12, 2011


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Mango Marv

To eliminate the bother of waiting to hear who won the race I will be posting the results after I get back from the start. In keeping with the accepted manner of action in our society today I will praising the winners and heaping loads of disparagement on the losers without the hassles of actually running the race. If you think this is really stupid, or unfair (lol) I can only ask you why you keep your life's savings with people dedicated to operating in the very same way.... But, hell, I'm a Mango, what do I know.

Mango Marv

I may be very lonely....Harald will be running. You can not keep a Champion down!


It seems I've forgotten my wife needs to do something until 7:30 Friday, so I won't be able to make it out until 8:30 or so. See you then!


Been waiting for this one. This is the run that really lets you know that HURT will kick your ass if don't pace yourself. I may be a bit late, but you can definately count me in!

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