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December 16, 2011


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Johnny Landeza

You mean I could have won this and not run it??? Do you think I can get away with this let's say... in mid January??? ^_^

The Voice Of Reason


I appreciate the sentiment but clearly Marv got it right this time. You can fawn about this dude all you want, tottering through the mud and rain for 12 hours in total darkness is not a staggering achievement but a disturbing sign of dementia. 22 min/mile... "great steady running"? Give me a break. Tot-te-ring is the word. Third year in a row? That makes it the pinnacle of idiocy!

Rex is the man - he went to bed!


Marv, you seem to have gone a bit over the deep end this time. Might I venture the opinion that your fruited head is fermenting a bit.

I'd like to point out that Harald E. did 13 Loops for the third year in a row. For the newer members of the group this is a staggering achievement. 13 in the daylight is a great run, but at night, in the rain and mud...just great steady running. And three years...I challenge anyone to do 13 next year, and to do it three years in a row. Harald's achievement is one for the record books!

Bye the way Marv, great shots of the 'three-way' head at the top of Center Trail. The problem is finding it, and then of course wondering why you bothered.

aloha, Kamo

Randy flores

Rex.... Ive gotta saw... You ROCK!!!! Way to use the power of persuasion to manipulate the odds into your favor... congratulations buddy, you EARNED it, so you DESERVE it!!!

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