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1-7-12 Saturday Training: The Annual Week Before HURT Reverse Trek Loop

Aloha Athletes and Happy New Year!

OK, we are down to the wire here for those running, pacing, and volunteering at the HURT 100. I wrote the RD this morning and asked him why he chose the dryest month of the year to hold the race as it again looks as if the trails will be dried out by race day. (P.S. He hasn't responded)

We are planning to run a reverse Trek loop at an easy pace this Saturday starting at 7:00 a.m. from the Nature Center. Invite your pacer's and let's get a bunch of people out there. In years past, we have even had some early arrivals from the mainland join us. 

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. 

If you are doing something different and want company, post it in the comments below. 

Aloha, Bob


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No, no..............the last thing we need is another panty run! Seriously considering hiring helicopters to dump water on the trail.


Best conditions I have seen in years. Trails trimmed and in some cases actually paved in kukui nuts. Pull out yer wallet RD you gonna be coughin up some gelt.

Mike Weston

I plan to be out there Saturday, but probably not that early since I don't land until 11pm the night before. I had been thinking of Manoa to Nature Center and back, because I think there's water at the Nature Center.


The RD is praying hard for rain...........we do not want a panty run three years in a row!

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