Saturday Training 2-4-12: Peacock Flats
Saturday Training 2-18-12: Top of Tantalus Run

Saturday Training 2-11-12: Make it What Ever You Want

Aloha Athletes,

Huh, you say? Yes. This Saturday, no organized training so if you are doing something and would like some company, post it in the comments below. 

Be safe out there! Get out and run. 

Aloha, Bob

P.S. Many of you may be aware already, but if not, there is a new Podcast called Talk Ultra. I listened to the first broadcast and it was pretty good. The hosts are Ian Corless and Ian Sharman. The interviews of other runners is a fun feature and the podcast is available through iTunes. You can also find Talk Ultra on Facebook.


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Ellen, if you were to run faster than 10 min/mile on our trails, you'd be setting course records left and right. For reference, the course record (men!) for the HURT100 stands at the equivalent of 12 min/mile - same for the Triple Trek course record (females).

Not being female, I am afraid I can be of no further assistance, other than to wish you happy trails!

Ellen  Maulding

OK, here's the deal. I am visiting from the mainland and have been here for about three weeks with about three weeks remaining. I have run some of the trails like the Aiea Loop, Mariner's Ridge and Manoa Falls. I did these rather stupidly by myself as the locals have repeatedly told me after the fact that this was not particularly safe for me. I would like to run the trails at the Nature Center but need a buddy, preferably female (I am female). I am not particularly fast, but I am steady. If anyone volunteers, please realize this would be a charitable undertaking on your part in enabling a runner to enjoy leisurely jaunts on the trails, nothing under a 10 min. mile pace and nothing over a straight, without stopping, 10 miles. Also, my schedule is flexible but realize that I reside in the Waikiki area and access The Bus only for transit so that means it takes me a while to get to trail heads.
Ellen Maulding


Hey guys. I will be doing a barefoot run for about 10 miles on the road starting at the Ala Wai in the corner of McCully and head towards Diamond Head and back. After that head to nature center and do a 30 or so on the trails. Run to Jackass Ginger swim a bit then do the 10 mile loop. Have lunch somewhere in between. I start late compare to most early birds. Start around 9am or 10am. No set time just go with the flow. If someone would like to join be for any of the 2 legs that would be awesome. Just send a note here then we can set a time.We can change the run also no biggie. Aloha

jacki dopp

Anyone interested in a nice leisurely (emphasis: leisurely) Gorden's loop on Sunday?

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