Saturday Training 2-18-12: Top of Tantalus Run
These Women will HURT You!

Saturday Training 2-25-12: Mud & Muck for Fun or You Choose

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday is the annual Swamp Romp out at Kaneohe Marine Base. You know, where people do things like this, for fun:

If you are not participating, it is pretty fun just to watch. Otherwise, find some sweet, dry trails to run. I would not be surprised to hear of someone running up at Peacock. 
Whatever you decide, get out there and enjoy Hawaii. Post below in the comments if you would like some company on your run.
Aloha, Bob


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Hi runners. If anybody doing 20+ or more miles on any trails on Saturday or Sunday and will like some company am available. I will probably run nature center but any better ideas or other trails,I am flexible. Aloha

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