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February 29, 2012


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Bob Martin

Hello everyone, my name is Bob, I am a runner from Indiana flying in to visit my daughter who lives in Honolulu I will be in the area from 3/7 thru 3/10 looking to do some trail running, I don't have a car, so will Bus where I can let me know when and where anyone meets up on these days, I would love to run some trails

Bob Mc.

The distance you run on Saturday is entirely up to you. This is a preview run of the HURT Trail Series race scheduled for March 17th. That trail run is an out and back of 6 miles total. In other words, the run goes three miles in, turns around and three miles back out. Yes, the road goes a bit further and the trail even further.

Hope that makes things a bit clearer.

Nancy Mello Miller

I'm confused about the mileage. Are we looking at 6 mi total for the run?


Running the road is 7.5 miles, round trip. That’s just the road, nothing else.

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