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Saturday Training 3-31-12: Top of Tantalus Training Run

2012 Moanalua 6-Mile Race Results (Finally)

Aloha Athletes,

Christian sent me the results today--a bit late but hey, this is all for fun anyway right? 

So the results are here

You can also see more photos at this link here.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to this first trail series race. The next race is coming up quickly on April 7th--Top of Tantalus. More details as the race date gets closer. 

Aloha, Bob


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Randy flores

Hey there... I've sent a few emails out but have not gotten any response. So I'm trying this avenue.
At the Moanalua 6, I had taken a blue rubbermaid cooler filled with ice and champaign and a red Ultimate Direction handheld water bottle carrier, with a The Bike Shop watter bottle in the sleeve. I unfortunately forgot that I had even taken it as I drove off and it was left under the food table. I am really hoping someone may have picked it up. Unfortunately is was unmarked and other than the described contents it had no real identifying marks, save for the fact that the inside portion of the cooler was curved to accomodate its carrying.
Any help finding and recovering this cooler will be handsomely rewarded with a VERY SPECIAL batch of my WORLD FAMOUS GUACAMOLE!!!! :-)


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