HURT Trail Series: First Race of 2012, Moanalua 6 Mile is Saturday 3-17-12
Weekend Training: March 24-25, 2012 Peacock and some thoughts on weekend training posts

George is my hero!

George, chemo day one

Feeling like at the start of the peacock race. 
I am at the bottom of the hill 
and am looking up at the mountain. 
Thinking what a journey it will be.

I want to thank you all for the moral support and help. 
George Ramos.


For those who haven't heard yet, our good buddy George Ramos has been diagnosed with Thymic Cancer.  Fortunately, he is one of the strongest and toughest individuals that I have ever met, and he WILL beat this.  He started chemo today and asked me to post the top picture on the HURT blog. The good news is that the nurses told him that he can eat as much ice cream as he wants during his treatment!  Just in case you didn't already know that George is tough, consider this:  Not only did George complete the Peacock 100K in October, as it turns out he completed it with stage 4 cancer.  He is one tough buggah! George is my hero.  If any of you would like to send George an email to tell him to hurry up and get better so he can start training for Peacock 2012 already, his email address is:  georgejoseramos at gmail dot com

We'll keep you posted on his progress.



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The H.U.R.T. Patrol

Uphills are your forte, George! We're with you.

"One for All, and All for One"


I remember George showing up for Tantalus TTT 30 mile his longest run up to that point was 5 miles!
There's no one tougher or with a better attitude!
This is just another long run!
Warmest Aloha!
John & PJ


George, best wishes on your recovery. I hope its a quick one and you are back on the trails soon. Aloha

mami nakada

George is our hero as well! We know how tough and strong person you are so we believe you can beat it. And there are reasons that you have to,because you have a wonderful family, lots of great friends, fun activities that you cannot give up! Thinking about you from Tokyo... Yusuke and Mami


Hang in the George! You can beat this!
I'll be thinking of you. aloha Noel


Saw George today doing his walk.
Was working on the N.S.
keep kicking ass my friend!

Julie Ng

George is my hero too! I've seen how tough he is during the last 2 Peacock races. Keep fighting and keep smiling, George!

Steve we can't mahalo enough what you have been such a good friend. thank you so much for posting this :D today is the 2nd day since George had his first chemo. He said he feels great and took 3 dogs to the beach walking :) will go to bike riding soon... thank you so much all of you who sent him sweet email. aloha. kayo from north shore

Erik Tanaka

=( My thoughts are so with you, George... You've got this!

Judy Frisby

Hi George! Just found out read Steve's post. Just want to say good luck on your treatment and we r thinking about you! Judy & Shawn Frisby from Quesnel BC Canada

Heather Howells

Thanks for posting this Steve. Wishing George everything of the best. He definately has the strength and endurance it takes to get through this.

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