Saturday Training 4-14-12: Peacock Flats
Hydration packs

Saturday Training 4-21-12: Run with a View Training Run/Preview

Aloha Athletes,

Well based on some comments I saw, Peacock was beautiful this past Saturday. Hope to make it up there sometime soon. 

This week though we are heading to do a preview of the course for the next HURT Trail Series race in May. The Run with a View course is a fun and challenging course. Last year we had unusually wet conditions making it a mudfest. That is the only time I ever remember it being like that on race day. This course takes many people on new trails so it is always good to do at least one training run to learn the course and get ready for it. 

As with many HURT runs it is about 50% uphill and 50% downhill. 

Cheryl says meet at the top of Kaahele Street at 6:30 a.m. Make sure you show up with enough water--i.e. at least 26 ounces. This is more of a loop route so plan on about 7+ miles of tough trail. 

Please be extremely quiet as this is a neighborhood. Just remember the race will start 1/2 mile down hill from this meeting place at the park by the Stop sign on your way up. Maybe you can talk Cheryl into starting there next week. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob


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Great job Robert. The pics are great and thanks to the detailed directions. I was not sure were it was but I will go tomorrow and check it out.


Fantastic, Arvel! See you at oh dark thirty!

Arvel Shults

Marian, I am with you if that is ok :) I will bring plenty of supplies!!


For those that would like a visual preview of the course before the preview run you can check out the photos (with directions) I put together last year.


I will be running peacocks as well on both. Saturday and Sunday. 0600 at the tower. Please bring plenty of food and water, because you need to feed the beast. Marion, hopefully we will cross paths up top.


where is run with a view located? Is it in Aiea?


I will be at Peacock flats on Saturday and would welcome some company. Starting time is 4:30 at the bottom of long road. Looking to do about 6-7 hours.

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