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Run for George pics

2012 "Run for George" Results

Aloha Athletes,

Photo-17Wow! What an amazing race today up on the N. shore. Close to 75 runners plus trail markers, marshals, timers, and other volunteers were up early to support George. Race Director and organizer extroidinare Steve Villiger put together a great event. He even pulled off an all night and early morning rain shower to get the course in perfect HURT conditions: wet & muddy. 

Many runners had never run these trails before and for others it was maybe only their second time so everyone was loving the sweet, single track route. In true HURT Trail Series style there were great after race grinds.

Steve and others will probably post some photos later here and on Facebook so watch for those. The amazing thing about what Steve is doing is that he is not finished. Tomorrow he has organized a paddling, water-based event with the same goal of raising money for George. I am hoping once Steve is finished and can rest up a bit that he will share with us some of the details from what this weekend means for George. 

Photo-18I think everyone who participated was happy to contribute and we all received something far greater in return.

Here are today's run results: 2012 "Run for George" Results

As in all HURT Trail Series races we try to do the best we can and get the results accurate. Occaisionally we make mistakes. Please forgive us. 

Aloha, Bob


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Steve Villiger

The official winner of the GEORGE-A-PALOOZATHON, consisting of the Run For George and the paddle for George, was MATT SACK. Matt finished both events in second place with a combined time of 1 hr 42 min 40 sec. Very impressive for 8.62 miles of trail running and 3 miles of Ocean paddling. Congratulations Matt!
It was great to see some HURT runners at the paddle today.

Steve Villiger

Thanks for coming up yesterday, Frank. You're an animal!!
I don't think too many people were aware that you RAN UP FROM HONOLULU yesterday morning!!! That's very impressive!!


Steve, great work by you and your team. Thanks for letting me stumble out early and to MikeM for pacing. Also to Harald for sparing me the long bus ride back south.
You put together a wonderful event for a good cause.


Counting the money while everyone was running in the hills, I was really touched by the generosity. It makes John and me proud to be a part of this HURT community, and to have all the paddlers join in with us yesterday.
Bravo Steve....you put a lot of your heart and soul into organizing George's Run. George, you are a deserving friend. Get well!!

Steve Villiger

Thanks Bob! And thanks to everybody that helped out today...and there were a LOT of you. It was really fun! And most importantly George had a great time!
The Paddle for George event tomorrow is actually put on by Dennis Pang, Buddy Shepard and the Lifeguards, not me. I'll just be another paddler. Hope to see some HURT runners tomorrow, it's going to be fun.
Thanks to all of the HURT gang for your generosity!

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