Saturday Training 4-28-12: Run with a View Training Run/Preview
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2012 Run With A View HURT Trail Series Race: Saturday 5-5-12: 7:00 a.m.

Aloha Athletes:

Images-8Start your Cinco de Mayo day off right with a trail run! The HURT Trail Series race will get your heart pounding with a nice climb up the road before continuing the climb up the trail. Hey, we wouldn't want it to be easy right?

Race Start is 7:00 a.m. Distance: 8 miles

Entry is just $10 and there is no pre-race registration.

Please show up at least 30 minutes before race start and remember we are in a neighborhood and it is an early Saturday morning so, please keep quiet so we don't disturb the local residents. 

The Run with a View starts in a park at the corner of Kaahele Street and Naalii Street in Aiea. 

There will be some more climbing and descending but once you finish, relax and enjoy the mucho post race comida buena (good food) and drink. RD's Cheryl and Don have promised some excellent Cinco de Mayo treats! Feel free to contribute your own specialty if you like. 

No promises but from what I hear, the Mariachi band will be making an appearance and there might even be some cold Mexican drinks (in a red solo cup of course) to coordinate with the festivities. Mariachi Band 

If you have questions or need more info, respond in the Comments below and the RD will get back to you.

Aloha, Bob


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Jill Lambie-Ponce

Perfect, thanks you guys! See you in the am!

Jill, Laurie & Teresa

Bob Mc.

Jill, Laurie & Teresa,

Naalii crosses Kaahele twice. If you continue up Kaahele to the stop sign, you will find us.



I found my garmin from last year:


Hi Jill, Laurie & Teresa,
I do not think the park has a name :( But goto Kaahele St & Naalii St, Aiea, HI 96701 and the park is due north of the intersection, no houses on the north corner.

Jill Lambie-Ponce

Hi, we're from out of town (CA), looking forward to doing a trail run with you guys while here -- want to make sure I end up at the right place. I plugged in Kaahele Street and Naalii Street, I'm not seeing a park, just houses on every corner. Can you give me the name of the park so I can navigate there?

Jill, Laurie & Teresa

Bob Mc.

Hi Kacy and J,

Sorry, don't see that anyone else responded. The race distance is about 8 miles. I believe we have that listed on the overall schedule which is available as a link on the upper left side of this site. I should have included that info and have updated the post.

J, can't help you with a profile. Like a lot of the HURT runs there is a lot of both uphill and downhill. It is only 8 miles. Does it really matter that much? We had at least two pre-runs on the course over the last couple of weeks where people can get out and run the course to get a sense of the terrain.

See you in the morning.


What's the distance of the race?


Anyone happen to have a link to an elevation profile of this from your garmin data from a time you ran it at or anything? Just like to know going into it how different sections of the race might compare.

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