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May 01, 2012


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Jill Lambie-Ponce

Perfect, thanks you guys! See you in the am!

Jill, Laurie & Teresa

Bob Mc.

Jill, Laurie & Teresa,

Naalii crosses Kaahele twice. If you continue up Kaahele to the stop sign, you will find us.



I found my garmin from last year: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/84082311#


Hi Jill, Laurie & Teresa,
I do not think the park has a name :( But goto Kaahele St & Naalii St, Aiea, HI 96701 and the park is due north of the intersection, no houses on the north corner.

Jill Lambie-Ponce

Hi, we're from out of town (CA), looking forward to doing a trail run with you guys while here -- want to make sure I end up at the right place. I plugged in Kaahele Street and Naalii Street, I'm not seeing a park, just houses on every corner. Can you give me the name of the park so I can navigate there?

Jill, Laurie & Teresa

Bob Mc.

Hi Kacy and J,

Sorry, don't see that anyone else responded. The race distance is about 8 miles. I believe we have that listed on the overall schedule which is available as a link on the upper left side of this site. I should have included that info and have updated the post.

J, can't help you with a profile. Like a lot of the HURT runs there is a lot of both uphill and downhill. It is only 8 miles. Does it really matter that much? We had at least two pre-runs on the course over the last couple of weeks where people can get out and run the course to get a sense of the terrain.

See you in the morning.


What's the distance of the race?


Anyone happen to have a link to an elevation profile of this run....like from your garmin data from a time you ran it at connect.garmin.com or anything? Just like to know going into it how different sections of the race might compare.

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