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Saturday Training 5-12-12: Peacock Flats

2012 Run with a View Results

Aloha Athletes,

Great race today with wet and muddy conditions--perfect HURT weather. That's 2-years in a row. 

Race Director's Cheryl and Don did an incredible job organizing essentially an opening or kick-off party for Cinco de Mayo. There were muddy bodies and a lot of smiles at the finish. 

I know Cheryl and Don had a lot of help with this race. Don, Marian, and Neal stepped up and managed the timing of the race as John and PJ are away on a family vacation. 

There were a group of trail trimmers, trail markers and course marshalls all out to help make the run great for everyone. You know who you are and Cheryl acknowledged many of you at the race start.

I also know a lot of people contributed to the wonderful post race food and drink. Mahalo to everyone that contributed to making this race a success. 

One thing before I get to the actual race results--actually two things. First, it is very important when you come to a HURT race that if you are an official entrant in the race--that you check out with our timing crew after the race. We have two people unaccounted for -even after doing a trail sweep. These two names are listed at the bottom of the results page. We hope and assume you are home safely.

Wily Woo was out on the course and has posted to Facebook a couple of hundred photos he took at the race today. Thank you Wily.

There may be some inaccuracies and perhaps even names placed with the wrong gender on the race results. We apologize. You know what you did. We try to do the best we can and hey, for $10, this isn't the Honolulu Marathon. 

2012 Run with a View Results

The next HURT Trail Series race is June 9: Mango Madness. 




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Reade Whitney

Where is mango madness race? Anyone keep race profiles of the HURT series?


Thanks to the group that cleared the trail. It was amazing much nicer the trail was for the race versus the week before. Also, thank you Cheryl for the great food spread at the end of the race. The guacamole was delicious.


Very nice and fun event!!!

Wily Coyote

just took a nap while the pictures i took were posting..
well.. here are some Cinco De Mayo Photos..

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