Friday Night Maunawili Trail Run - May 11th
Run For George course preview

Run For George Trail Race

OK, here's the 411 on the Run For George...

Click the pic...


This race is going to be super fun!  There is NO entry fee.  It will be DONATION ONLY.  100% of all donations will go directly to George to help with his medical expenses.  We would suggest $10, but more is better and less is OK.  Just come out and show your support for George.  Bring your friends, even if they're not runners, because there will be a "walking option".  Of course the "walking option" is not available to HURT runners!

Several people have inquired about making a donation even though they won't be able to run the race.  You can write a check payable to "George Ramos", and send it to:  George Ramos, c/o Villiger Construction, 59-036 Kahauola St., Haleiwa, 96712

As is typical with all HURT events, the party doesn't stop at the finish line, so hang out for a while.  We've ordered beautiful weather for the day, so plan on jumping in the Ocean and spending the afternoon at the beach!

We will do a training run on the course next Saturday, 5/19.  We highly suggest previewing the course, because it's easy to get lost up there, but mostly because it's super awesome.  We'll post the time of next week's course preview after the weekend.


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Anita Wagner

My comment was deleted so I will try again. I never met George but he has our support. My husband will be helping with paddle for George, and I will be running for george. We lost our 6 year old son Ryan to cancer on July 29th, 2011. Ryan's ashes were spread out to sea across from Dilingham air field at army beach, but we call it Ryans beach now:) Our thoughts and love go out to George and his family, see you at the run!

Erik Tanaka

Darn, I sadly have to miss this =( Jess will be working on that day and Grandma & Grandpa will be on Maui over that weekend...

I also missed #1 Moanalua due to a birthday party, #2 Tantalus due to an annual Easter egg hunt, & #3 View due to Isaiah's soccer game...

However, I'll mail Steve our donation for George =)

See you all at Mango Madness!

rick otani

Can you email me the time of the training run? I'm coming from hilo and will definitely run and donate since I won't be able to do the race. Mahalo!

Steve Villiger

Click on the above photo and you'll get more info. George is battling cancer and the fund raiser is to help with his medical expenses.

Doug Baker

I agree with PJ, you're a good man Steve! Looking forward to it.


what's wrong with George? i don't know this person and sharing the event so just wondering.

Skyler's Mom

Thank you for organizing this. Sounds like so much fun and terribly important to contribute to!


Thanks for organizing this Steve! You're the best.

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