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June 18, 2012


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Nina haskett

Thank you all for sharing your memories of my brother, Pete. He often regaled me with stories about his H.U.R.T. friends. You all meant a lot to him.

We will be having his services Thursday at Kailua beach. Gathering at 3:00, with services at 5:30 p.m. Would love to have the opportunity to meet you.



I loved his "just do it" attitude. If only more people had that. I know it's been told to me a few times and with good results. One day, I hope people will remember me as a man with a pizza for anyone in a time of need.

May Pizza Pete rest in peace.


I saw Pete a couple of weeks ago about 300 yards out in Kailua Bay on his paddle board with his always big smile.
Pete has given us great memories.

I'm sure he's in a beautiful and warm ocean somewhere.

Aloha Pete,


Pizza Pete was one of my early mentors into the ultra community. I would have never thought about eating pizza in the middle of a long run, but wow! It was his sense of giving that tought me to just show up, and assist whereevrr I am needed, without complaint. My thoughts and prays out to our o'hana for his loss.

Paul S

I would see Pete on Kailua Beach from time to time. He would have some tech gadget and loved to explain all its details. He was patient and nice with my son, and we would just sit & chat looking at the stars. Just shocked.


Nicely said Bob. You highlighted our best memories. How many times Pete said "yes" to my requests to the thankless job of parking Czar for HURT 100, and for Triple Trek. Down at the gate with his reflector vest, diplomatically turning cars around for proper parking. No one would challenge him. He had the presence.


I have very fond memories of Pete. He was a very generous and kind soul. I am so sad that he is gone, and I pray for solace for his family.


Pete and I ran the trails together, in particular Maunawili, for quite a while. One of our favorite 'trail maintenance' duties was ridding the trail of all the spikes, roots, and stumps that were famous for breaking toes. We spent a few days working on the old chain-link fence just before the old Pali highway section. We'd do things like that and just consider it a done deal. He wasn't much for talking about how much he cared about HURT and the trails.

He, Marv, and I did the Mango Madness for years. We'd sit around and drink a few beers and talk about how to make the race more insane. I can honestly say that I knew him better than most anyone else in HURT. We were great friends for quite a while.

I'm deeply saddened and disturbed by his passing.


I received this message from Pete's sister, as I have more details, I will post for all:

we will be having services on 6/28 on the beach. I believe Kailua. will definitely make sure it is posted on the Memories of Pete FB page,

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