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July 22, 2012


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Steve Villiger

Hey John, I'm sure that any and all running equipment will go to very good use, and produce some big smiles! Thanks!


Steve, we're envious to the max, I know Simon and would give anything to be there with you! Like Mike we have a lot of very large shoes and some very small ones as well. Do you also need running equipment, packs, flashlights, etc.?


I saw this advertised in Trail Running mag...looks awesome!


Awesome posting. If I did not have school and work I would do it in a heart beat. Please keep this kind of postings coming because I will love to do something like this. Take lots of pictures and good luck.


Awesome adventure! Great work on your part, Steve!!


Steve, I got some shoes for guys like that; for big, decent sized feet. I also have some old but serviceable packs, lights, and running clothes if you want more than just shoes. I'll even throw in some of my 'Lazy Guy' gaiters.

Wish I could make the trip with you!

Kukimbia kama upepo! Kukimbia na nguvu kama nyati!

Aloha, Mikem

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