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August 28, 2012


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Timm (TTT virgin no more)

Thank you, Fish & Sue & Heather!! Great race!


So, I went out on the Kalawahine/Manoa Cliff Trail sections of the course today looking for good shooting positions… There’s definitely enough thick, shoe sucking mud bogs from the rain over the past several days to qualify the TTT course as HURT worthy. In fact while I was out there more of the rain the RDs ordered was being delivered and I suspect more will come in before the start as well.

Right now my plan is for Sharon and I to take up our first shooting positions at the bench about ¼ mile in from Concrete Hill on the Kalawahine Trail. Guessing this is around the 6-7 mile mark on the loop. After everyone has passed on their first loop we’ll then relocate to another shooting position (yet to be determined) somewhere along Makiki Valley Trail (AKA Crossover Trail) since this section is covered twice per loop. Should give us more opportunities to shoot each of you as you pass. : )

Have a great run everyone and be safe, it’s definitely a bit slippery up there. Don’t want to miss out on shooting any of you because you took a spill and DNF’d it.


Good luck guys at the TTT. I'm getting off work at 730 Sat AM and will be by to say aloha :)

Kendall Kreft

With this event on Saturday, will there be anyone doing ~15 miles on Sunday? My daughter, Kelsey, is in Honolulu on vacation and is looking for a trail run on Sunday. She runs XC for Central Washington University and will be running a 5k XC invitational on Saturday. She has run a number of 25k trail runs in Washington state. Please e-mail me at krkreft@msn.com if you will be running on Sunday and would be willing to have someone else tag along. I will respond off list.
Kendall Kreft

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