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August 22, 2012


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Sure Randy, theres room...


Hey Gordon... JUST SAW THIS!! GRRRRR.... Is there still a chance I can get squeezed in on an "anonymous" technicality??? Thanks in advance, and thanks either way!!!

Erik Tanaka

I would love to join Cheryl & her buds for this but Isaiah has soccer picture taking on this morning (I'm their coach)... Happy Birthday in advance to awesome Cheryl! <3


All these names will be submitted for the hiking permit. I will leave a couple spaces open with anonymous names.


could you squeeze me in..
me, myself, and I..


Theres still space left. I have until thursday evening to submit names.


is there room left?


Hey Gordon,
My guest will be Erin Yamamoto
Thanks for organizing!!

Jacki D.

I would definitely like to join the group. What else does Cheryl want for her birthday? :) Thanks!!

Rod Huddleston

Scot K. and I are in.


Jeff, its more of a hike with many ups and downs. A few miles is runnable but I will be hiking. Must bring all essentials, food, water and maybe a jacket if it rains. The trail is in good condition since we cleared it a few weeks ago.


G, is this a hike or a run?

Gene Ramos

Hi Gordon... Please count me in. Thanks!

Judy Carluccio

Hi Gordon. I'd love to join you! Thanks!


Hi Gordon - yes for me. Thx, :)

Doug Baker

I'd like to join you folks, please add me to the list. Thanks!

Heather O'Malley

Hi Gordon,
Sounds awesome, I am in too! Thanks,


G, I'm down to. I may bring a guest. Mahalos!!!

Susie Stephen (@longrunyoga)

Sounds great - unfort I can't make it due to highschool xc duties! Susie


thanks for getting the permits gordon...i'm in as well.


Hi Gordon,

I'm in for this have been wanting to run this trail!

Thank you!

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