2012 Maunawili Out & Back Results (UPDATED)

Saturday Training 8-18-12: Trek Loops

Aloha Athletes,

This week's training takes us back to the Makiki-Tantalus trail system. We are starting to prep for the Triple Trek coming up in a few weeks so time to get some miles in on the course.

Meet at the Nature Center at 6:00 a.m. Plan at least one trek loop but feel free to do as many as you want. 

You know the drill, it's hot out, so lots of fluids and electrolytes. 

If you have something else planned and would like some company, post it in the comments.

Aloha, Bob


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We will be staying in Ko Olina from 8/22 to 9/1.. would love to find others to run with while I am there and especially some good trails/routes.. How far is the trek loop?

Any recommendations for favorite runs on Oahu?

dooleyliz at gmail dot com



15 minutes!

Eric Johnson

I'm here for an extended work assignment from near Auburn, CA. I would like to go on some trail runs while I am here. How far away from Waikiki is this trail head? Thanks!

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