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September 02, 2012


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Bob Mc.

Hi John, just sent it off to you. Aloha, Bob


Can someone please send me the Tantalus Triple Trek results in xls or csv format? I cannot read the pdf properly. . . Mahalo!


Robert P Smith

I obviously can't speak for others but as soon as I get my photos processed and posted online I'll provide a link here.

For those that have been around a while they know it usually takes me longer than others to post them due to my perfectionism and refusal to post them straight from the camera. Not saying there's anything wrong with doing so that's just not the way I choose to represent the work I do and put into my photography.

Hopefully most feel the wait was worth it due to the quality of the images and the memories they represent for the people in them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. : )



Hello guys... First of all, THANKS to John, PJ, Sue, Fish, Heather, Marian, Niel, and EVERYBODY who was out on course and aid stations. You guys always... ALWAYS give so much during the course of the season as well as during these individual events. It was (and always HAS been) fantastic to see you guys out there. Thanks!!!


I am always deeply grateful for all the folks who support this series. But yesterday, I was really suffering having HURT my ankle on the way down the third loop. When I limped into the finish...in last place, yay! you all came to feed, hydrate, rinse, shade, etc me. I felt so nurtured, and all the HURT was worth it. Mahalo nui.

Nick Sciarrilli

Hello Bob,

I had a great time running out there with a bunch of awesome people. Was wondering if you could provide a link to the facebook page with the photos from TTT?

Kind regards,


Lost and found. Two pairs of running shoes were left at yesterdays race. They are by the bathroom at the nature center, on the wall next to the steps, where the generator was set up.

Erik Tanaka

Thanks so much for all of your aloha & patience with me, Sue, Heather, Fish, Marian, Neal, PJ, John, Robert, Sharon, Akabill, & Bob! Congratulations to Dave & Rosie (had the honor of watching both fly by/lap me!)! I also really appreciate all of the amazing food & drink plus the awesome Eco-Oasis (thanks again, Sue!)... Cannot wait for TTT '13!

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