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2012 Peacock Results or Only in Hawaii Does a Tsunami Warning...

Aloha Athletes,

We’d like to congratulate everyone who toed the line this weekend.  This is a very difficult race, and most of you trained extremely hard.  Unfortunately, we had to make some very hard decisions in a very short span of time.  I hope all of the runners we pulled from the trail understand that we did so with their safety in mind. 

To help you understand our decisions, please remember:  it wasn’t very long ago that most of us were looking for Are, and Rob was driving Are’s parents around the Peacock trail looking for their lost boy.  When it comes to safety on this course, we’d much rather disappoint our runners than look into their parents’ eyes and explain why we didn’t take proper precautions.

To recap what happened--when we were told by Security at Dillingham that gates had to be locked at 10 p.m. and that we had to leave the premises, the following quickly ensued:

1. Determination was made about who was on the course and where.

2. We then developed an absolute cutoff to get down from the 3 way at 9 p.m.

3. The race at that point was completed and cancelled.

4. We called Joel and told him to hold all runners so they could be transported back to the start / finish.  There, runners could retrieve their cars and leave premises as requested by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center via Dillingham Security.

As the evening unfolded all runners were held at the respective aid stations.  Once all runners and pacers were accounted for, the decision was made to move the runners closer to the finish line in anticipation of the ‘all clear’; however they were to travel down as a group.

Many who we held / pulled off the course at Long Road would have finished the event. However they did the correct thing and chose to listen to race officials and evacuate the course and/or head back up Long Road with Joel to await the all clear. Had they selfishly continued on, it would have created a larger burden on the tracking of the runners. These folks all did the correct thing.

At 9 PM, the race was officially done.  Although several runners did cross the finish line before the original cutoff of 2 A.M., they did so after the race had been cancelled. The same opportunity to finish was never afforded those folks at long road. 

Our 100k results will show “DNF” for true DNF’s.  Those pulled from the course will receive a “ROCBRCODTTE,” which is short for "Runner On Course But Race Called Off Due To Tsunami Evacuation." 
This was a very hard decision to make, and we did not take any of it lightly.  We know this will upset and/or disappoint some of you and for that we apologize. 

Rob Lahoe
Larry Inouye


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Thanks to EVERYONE involved in the organisation of the event - I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I can't imagine how hard it was to pull runners away from doing what they love, but it was the right decision. Congrats to everyone who was out there!!

Patrick C.

Thanks to everyone who supported us out there.. Great staff and the correct decision was made. I truly appreciate the opportunity to participate!!

Jeff Huff

Great job runners! You are all incredible. After 50 miles of dirt, grime, sweat, fatigue, stiffness you all hung in there... then you still had to get off the mountain. Simply incredible. You are all champions. To Larry and Rob, job very well done.


Erik Tanaka

I'd like to thank everyone for being really patient with me. I take forever to get around the courses but have only received aloha. I will never forget this, especially from 3-way to 3-way solo at night! ^_^

See you all in January!


jimmy davis

Anyone know of a lost and found? Missing black trail shoes, white columbia hat and white sunglasses. Aloha, Jimmy D.


Rob and Larry did what they had to to do. It was a great event. Congratulations and thanks to all who worked on the race and volunteered. Everyone did their best. Times, finishes, places are secondary. Nothing matters but the effort.


Great job by the runners, RD's, A/S captains and volunteers. There should be no regrets in what was done on that day!!


I couldn't agree more with the decisions made by Larry and Rob as well as with the comments posted here. Thanks to everyone who worked very hard preparing for the race, those supporting the runners during the race, and those assisting in the evacuation at the end. Mahalo!


Mahalo nui loa to all those responsible for putting on this years Peacock race!!! It was truly a very well organized event!!! Very tough decisions had to be made and I truly appreciate all the countless hours and behind the scenes efforts of all those involved to insure our safety!!! Love you HURT Ohana!!!


Tough, but correct decisions! The RDs had an obligation to the permit and to the State of Hawaii, and to keeping our runners safe.
Great job to all involved.

Arvel Shults

Very Well Done!!!
So happy everyone is safe!!!
Now you all live to run another day!!!!
Aloha from Sandy in the DC area (Arvel and Benita)


big mahalo. great organization. what a wonderful experience. Aloha, T

Kelly Sutcliffe

Can somebody please change my gender from 'Male' to 'Female'. haha. Almost every race I'm listed as a male! I know I may sometimes act like one.. but I can assure you I'm not! Great race as always! Thank you everyone :)

Augusto Decastro

Great race, great people. Not knowing what to anticipate in such a long and difficult course, I can honestly say that I've finally experienced the "Magic". I dont know what else to say but thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait for next year. Aloha.

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