Saturday Training 10-6-12: Peacock Flats
Saturday Training 10-13-12: Peacock Flats Again!

Seeking company on a REVERSE Gordon’s/Are’s Loop HIKE

Looking for one or more persons who are available to HIKE a REVERSE Gordon’s Loop and Are’s Loop.  Guessing that’s about 19 miles.

Disclaimer:  This probably won’t be much of a “training run” since I’m planning to hike it backwards as I scout out shooting locations for the upcoming race.  Though, for some of us, like me currently, even hiking 19 miles up there is a decent workout.  : )

Looking for someone who isn’t camera shy as I might ask you to go up ahead and hike/jog back toward me to confirm a good shooting position.


Dates I’m looking at in order of my preference:

Friday  10/5 (sorry, yes, that’s tomorrow)

Friday  10/19

Saturday  10/6

Saturday  10/13

Sunday 10/21

Friday  10/26 (last resort since I’d rather not be up there the day prior to the race)


Start time is negotiable but thinking it would be best to be as close to the actual race start time as possible, 6am.

Wife and I would prefer I do the right thing and not go up there alone so the company would be greatly appreciated.  You don’t need to be familiar with the trail/course as I know it well enough.  Just able to do 19 miles of fairly strenuous hiking but at a casual pace.






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Got company for Friday the 19th. Will be at the airfield around 6:45-7am. If anyone would like to join us for a 19ish mile hike leave a comment so we know to be expecting you.

Kyle Kelly

I will be in HI all next week - staying in Waikiki and would love to run a 15-20 mile trail. Where are the best trails and would someone like to train with me?

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