Saturday Training November 17, 2012: HURT Loop (Updated)
New Fun Trail Runs: Starting Saturday--11-24-12 and other announcements


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Paul S

Agree with Mikeeee, and what a run for a HURT newbie that joined me. I think Jordan had a great - safe loop, and learned a little more about the beauty and difficulty of running into the night. Always be safe and prepared, with a friend to help keep you that way at night. Also, jokes help keep you moving. Aloha


I can not help but note that there has been ample opportunity to get out and run night loops this year. (Paul @2, Mike @1 and 2 Others.) Yet few takers. If one has not done it a few times one is often surprised when the act is no longer an option but a requirement. One can never do too much night work, because one will never stop dreading it. But it helps to get to know the nasty spirits that run rampant out there every night of the year. They are not particularly friendly to newbies, but can grow slowly accustomed to one's presence, and you learn to cast your own spells to keep them at bay. Please give them and yourself that chance regularly if you intend to do a HURT anytime in the next decade.

As a comparison for those that did the Peacock: A Night Loop is like Triple repeats of Long Road in the heat of the day, but much worse; and a Night Loop will likely have to be done twice during the HURT. <2 Months....

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