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Saturday Training December 1, 2012: HURT Loop

Aloha Athletes,

OK, it is crucial training time for HURT 100 runners. Time to run off that turkey, pie and all those other calories. 

This Saturday, HURT loop (and more???) starting at the Nature Center at 6:00 a.m. Anyone is welcome to join in as you can always run as much or as little as you want. 

By now you should know the drill and you want to be dialing in your race day nutrition, hydration and electrolytes. Also it is important to get socks, shoes and all other gear that works. Now is the time to discard what isn't working and go with what does work so that race day is a success. 

Shout out to those crazy Quadzilla folks, Johnny, Wily and Rosie. It looked like you all had a blast! As much fun as running 4 marathons in 4 days can be. Seems like good HURT training. 

For those looking for something to do Sunday, the Xterra Trail World's are happening out at Kualoa ranch. Yes, you can still enter either online or the day before, on Saturday in Waikiki. The 21K (half marathon) distance is a pretty challenging run with some good hills and beautiful views. Xterra is still looking for volunteers as well so that is another opportunity. There is also a 10K and 5K, so something for the entire family.

Get out there on run!

Aloha, Bob

Quick Reminder: Get out there and Run! Sign-up Via E-mail for Sat. Run

Aloha Athletes,

Wake up from the food coma yet? Out fighting the crowds all night at Black Friday Shopping?

Remember that if you are planning on running in the St. Louis trail run tomorrow, to send an email by 6PM to [email protected]gmail.com. For logistical purposes, sign up the morning of the run will be limited.

Aloha, Bob

New Fun Trail Runs: Starting Saturday--11-24-12 and other announcements

Aloha Athletes,

St. Louis HtsInformal Training Series

We felt that we were missing some informal runs during the winter months – so welcome to the Post Holiday Trail Series.

First run is this Saturday (11-24) at St. Louis Hts., all runs are short, and followed by a refreshment table ($10 donation recommended).

Also in common for all runs, is that there will only be a max. of 100 participants!

Therefore, please email us at [email protected] and we will create the list of names before the run, and signing in that morning will be easier.

Sign up on day of race will be on a space available basis.

A little bit about the run: 3 miles, we will begin by the cabin next to the parking lot, and head Makai and we will explore the area overlooking UH – then back up to finish in the same place. The trail has roots, some rocks, and the mud tends to stick to your shoes and you will look like a hobbit!

A little bit about how to get there: Wa’ahila Ridge State Recreation Area is located at the end of St. Louis Hts., kind of…at the top, the street changes names as you don’t stay on St. Louis to get there the whole time. Right on Peter Street, and left on Ruth Place will get you there. BUT…parking is limited in the park…so it is recommended that you find parking in the neighborhood, and as always, be courteous to those who live (and sleep there). The park does not open before 7:00AM – and that is when we will be there and available for questions and taking down some names and numbers (on your leg).

Run 2 and 3 are the Saturdays after Christmas (Aiea Loop Trail, 4.4 miles) and New Year (Pupukea, around 6 miles). More info as those runs get closer.

Though HURT is promoting these run, they are not HURT sponsored runs. 

Finally, for those of you who participated in the Peacock race a few weeks back, there are now race bags available for pickup at Runner's HI in Aiea. These arrived late and are now ready for pickup for all participants. So, if you raced, stop by Ray's and pick yours up.

For those of you training for HURT, this is a crucial weekemd, get out there and train! For the rest of you, enjoy your time with family and Happy Thanksgiving to all. 

Got training plans for the weekend, post it in the Comments below for others to join in!

Aloha, Bob

Saturday Training November 17, 2012: HURT Loop (Updated)

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday is the perfect time for those who have been wanting to do a full HURT loop to get out on the course and get one or more done. Distance: 20 miles. Choose more or less. 

Start time: 6:00 a.m. at the Nature Center.

Post in Comments below if you have questions or are doing something different and want company.

Received an e-mail from a Michael Brown. He is racing Ultraman next weekend on the Big Isle and looking for a running pacer. His original pacer is injured. Contact Michael directly if interested. Michael Brown mbrown844 at hotmail dot com



Two HURT Runners re-connect on mainland

IMG_4803jdeh! isn't it funny when you move to another part of the world, HURT runners just popup everywhere!  I've been on the east coast for 11 months now, and out of blue, I reconnected with Dan E, long time HURT and ultra runner that I knew in Hawaii, FOUR years ago!!! we did 2009 Run to the Sun training and the run together, and he was in the crew the very first time I ever stepped foot on the Peacocks course!  Surprise and elation, its great to be running with another HURT crew member again....  We are both training for the Tidewater 50K (http://tidewaterstriders.com/seashore50K) in December; here we are getting ready to go out Sat. morning on the MC Endurance course doing 5 mile loops - it's a beaut little place to get out of the city and train.  oh, yah!  Funny enough, when I first visited the Tidewater 50K web site, there is a pic on the front page of a runner wearing a HURT Shirt!  (way to go, Maur-i-ci-o!)  These people, man they get around.!  So, me and Dan-o are sending a shout out to all the HURT Ohana in HI.  It's great to reunite with an old trail buddy and have conversation and entertainment at its finest, while sharing trail miles together.  oh and I have to say thanks to my local friend here Julie P (another Julie!!), who spotted Dan wearing a HURT shirt in her neighborhood, and asked him if he knew me.  Connection made!  Wishing everyone the best, a hui ho! 

 (PS Happy Birthday Mikey ;-) !

Saturday Training November 10, 2012: Run & Support Mike (see post below this one)

Aloha Athletes,

Instead of coming up with something different I am suggesting you get out and support Mike in what he has planned for the weekend. Many of you need to get some night training in, testing lights and your own ability to stay awake at night and this is the perfect opportunity.

I'd love to see lots of Comments below and communication back and forth to make this happen. As Mike says, this is great training for either the HURT 100 or the Honolulu Marathon since it is a combination of trail and road. 

I copied his plan here:

The terms: This is a non sponsored, non support, no application, no entry fee, non award, non timed, no rules, fully individually assumed risk, extreme courtesy to hikers, generally rogue run. I will stock some water and minimal nutrition at key spots. The plan is to get water and supplies from stores along the route. Each runner is responsible for their own needs and safety.(We help each other, and no body gets left in the lurch but it's just like one training run; bail by bus or call home.) Reflective gear and lights are highly recommended for the night run road/trail sections as there is no or little moon. Run whatever you want, however you want. Suffer as much or as little as your desire, it's your decision, your risk and your responsibility. The unfortunate/wonderfully painful aspect of being in the game at this age is that I will be out there for almost a full day. It will be great training, and a wonderful mixture of roads and trails, for both HM and HURT prep.

The Intended Route:

A HURT Night Loop, Trail, (20,20), 6:00PM Start

East Side (Kalanianeole)Loop with Makapu’u Light repeats, Road, (15,35), 1:00AM

Makapu'u to Waimanalo Demonstration Trail, Road, (3,38), 6:00AM

Waimanalo Ditch Trail,l O/B,Trail, (3,42),8:00AM

Old Government Road/Olomana Farm Road, O/B, Trail, (5,47), 10:00AM

Maunawili Demonstration Trail, Return, Trail, (8,55), 12:00 PM

Old Pali Road to Jackass, Road, (3,58), 3:00PM

Jackass to Nature Center via Kalawahine, Trail, (5,60+... whatevah), 5:00PM


Besides what Mike is doing physically with the run, he is offering a financial contribution in support and recognition of someone HURT lost earlier this year. You can read his post for the details.

If for whatever reason, you can't get behind this event, I am sure some of you will be doing something different. I heard talk of Paradise to Jackass repeats again starting at 6:00 a.m. again on Saturday. 

The main thing, get out there and run and be thankful you can!

Aloha, Bob


60.. or someting li'dat.... Birthday Run for the run of it.

On Friday November 9, health permitting, I, Mikem, will be heading out on another birthday run. Last year I let the Peacock 100K function the dual purpose of race and birthday run. This year’s Tsunami edition limits my ability to revisit that artifice, and I find myself forced to actually run a birthday run, which is, to my reckoning beyond 100K yet not quite 100M. (I went lost count and I no going start over!)

This run, as with many of my past runs will have a charity component. I have chosen to remember a long time friend and participant in our group, Pete Martinez, and to make a donation to a Suicide Prevention program in his memory. It is not particularly easy to find a specific local charity that directly serves this issue and does online donations, but there are a few national charities that support local activity and direct funds into numerous needy areas such as Veteran's hotlines. I’ve chosen one that I believe attempts to reach people within the broad parameters of the HURT group demographic and also appears to limit fund raising activity and administration in favor of a more low-key ‘funds to the purpose approach. I've provided an alternative site as well. Please don't feel restricted if you find another you feel more comfortable donating to.

For years. Pete Martinez was co-director of the Mango Madness Trail Series run. He was also famous for his impromptu contributions of multiple large pizzas during other organized ultra events and long training runs. Pete was often at aid stations quietly helping out or somewhere out on the trails offering direction at critical points. Whether it was a trail series run, a major ultra event, or just a long training run he was always willing to turn up and give a helping hand. Bob did a nice memorial page to Pete just after his passing.

( http://www.hurthawaii.com/2012/06/a-sad-farewell-pizza-pete-martinez-you-will-be-missed.html )

Suffice it say he and I spent a lot of time together, on the trails, and off, for quite a few years and many beers. I think of him often and wonder without finding much resolution.

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Peacock Lost and Found


Everything "found" at the Peacock race has been left at Runners-Hi.  If you lost something, please check there.  If you still can't find it, it's probably been sacrificed to the trail gods. 

If you still haven't received a finishers visor or t-shirt, please e-mail me.  I'll try to get everything sent out this week if possible.