60.. or someting li'dat.... Birthday Run for the run of it.
Two HURT Runners re-connect on mainland

Saturday Training November 10, 2012: Run & Support Mike (see post below this one)

Aloha Athletes,

Instead of coming up with something different I am suggesting you get out and support Mike in what he has planned for the weekend. Many of you need to get some night training in, testing lights and your own ability to stay awake at night and this is the perfect opportunity.

I'd love to see lots of Comments below and communication back and forth to make this happen. As Mike says, this is great training for either the HURT 100 or the Honolulu Marathon since it is a combination of trail and road. 

I copied his plan here:

The terms: This is a non sponsored, non support, no application, no entry fee, non award, non timed, no rules, fully individually assumed risk, extreme courtesy to hikers, generally rogue run. I will stock some water and minimal nutrition at key spots. The plan is to get water and supplies from stores along the route. Each runner is responsible for their own needs and safety.(We help each other, and no body gets left in the lurch but it's just like one training run; bail by bus or call home.) Reflective gear and lights are highly recommended for the night run road/trail sections as there is no or little moon. Run whatever you want, however you want. Suffer as much or as little as your desire, it's your decision, your risk and your responsibility. The unfortunate/wonderfully painful aspect of being in the game at this age is that I will be out there for almost a full day. It will be great training, and a wonderful mixture of roads and trails, for both HM and HURT prep.

The Intended Route:

A HURT Night Loop, Trail, (20,20), 6:00PM Start

East Side (Kalanianeole)Loop with Makapu’u Light repeats, Road, (15,35), 1:00AM

Makapu'u to Waimanalo Demonstration Trail, Road, (3,38), 6:00AM

Waimanalo Ditch Trail,l O/B,Trail, (3,42),8:00AM

Old Government Road/Olomana Farm Road, O/B, Trail, (5,47), 10:00AM

Maunawili Demonstration Trail, Return, Trail, (8,55), 12:00 PM

Old Pali Road to Jackass, Road, (3,58), 3:00PM

Jackass to Nature Center via Kalawahine, Trail, (5,60+... whatevah), 5:00PM


Besides what Mike is doing physically with the run, he is offering a financial contribution in support and recognition of someone HURT lost earlier this year. You can read his post for the details.

If for whatever reason, you can't get behind this event, I am sure some of you will be doing something different. I heard talk of Paradise to Jackass repeats again starting at 6:00 a.m. again on Saturday. 

The main thing, get out there and run and be thankful you can!

Aloha, Bob



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Parking at the Water Tank in Makiki. (At the fork of Round Top Drive and Makiki Heights Drive) The same venue as the Mango Madness Run. Park car below the Tank or on Makiki Street below the fork. Parking higher up is not always secure.

Jeff White

Where are we parking for tonight?

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