Two HURT Runners re-connect on mainland
HURT Night Loop Option Friday 11-16

Saturday Training November 17, 2012: HURT Loop (Updated)

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday is the perfect time for those who have been wanting to do a full HURT loop to get out on the course and get one or more done. Distance: 20 miles. Choose more or less. 

Start time: 6:00 a.m. at the Nature Center.

Post in Comments below if you have questions or are doing something different and want company.

Received an e-mail from a Michael Brown. He is racing Ultraman next weekend on the Big Isle and looking for a running pacer. His original pacer is injured. Contact Michael directly if interested. Michael Brown mbrown844 at hotmail dot com




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Planning on joining in on the fun starting from Manoa Falls. Guessing most will be through there between 7:30 and 8:15ish. Looking to run with others at a more casual, just make the cutoff pace, not that there’s anything casual about running the HURT course… :)

If you or a group will be out there to put in the miles vs breaking any speed records and you wouldn’t mind my company for the 13 miles back to the Nature Center please drop me a message on FB or at rps_808 at Yahoo dot com and include your phone number if you aren’t sure I already have it so we can make sure to connect at Manoa. Speaking of which, where should I be waiting? Does everyone go all the way down to the parking lot before turning around?

Robert P Smith
Da Running Photog


Jackass stash has water. Manoa will have by end of week.
Jackass is: from stream crossing take small trail into bamboo, just mauka on right. At Manoa: it is down road 25 yards to metal pole. Small trail on right
leads up to stash.
These are unchanged over last two years.

Bob Mc

Jessica, Anyone is welcome to join in on our runs. If you are not familiar with the HURT course, you will want to stay with someone that knows the route and trails. The start/finish will be at the Nature Center. Plan on about 6 hours or so depending on the group and your own running speed. Show up with hydration, nutrition, etc that can get you through 10-14 miles at least. Someone will probably have water stashed somewhere out there on the course as none is available.


The run starts and ends at the Nature
Center, just as it would in the race.
Many people park near the water tank on Makiki Heights Drive as it seems a bit safer than the Parking Lot.

Everyone is welcome to come out and run with the Saturday Training group. But please be advised that these are rather technical runs with a lot of up and down on trails that are often very muddy and always difficult. These are not 'hold your hand' training runs. You need to carry significant water and nutrients. There is water on the course but you need to be with people who know where it is, otherwise carry your own, or drop your own.
If you are new to the HURT course its best to plan on doing a section and perhaps getting a pick up, or coming out when we are doing Manoa/Jackass repeats.

A full loop (20 Miles) takes from 5 to 8 hours depending on your level of conditioning and speed.

It has been rainy up top recently and it is becoming a slog in many places. So be ready to get muddy and wet.

Come on out and join us. We have many levels of runners out and you can likely hook up with somebody. We are not hand holders but you won't be abandoned.
You just need to be very responsible because it can get very difficult very fast.


Jessica Gladman

Also, do you end up back at the Hawaii Nature Center, or does the run end elsewhere?

Thank you very much,

Jessica Gladman

Hello, is anyone welcome for these training runs? If so, what is the recommended running attire and hydration amounts?

Thank you very much for your time.


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