Saturday Training November 10, 2012: Run & Support Mike (see post below this one)
Saturday Training November 17, 2012: HURT Loop (Updated)

Two HURT Runners re-connect on mainland

IMG_4803jdeh! isn't it funny when you move to another part of the world, HURT runners just popup everywhere!  I've been on the east coast for 11 months now, and out of blue, I reconnected with Dan E, long time HURT and ultra runner that I knew in Hawaii, FOUR years ago!!! we did 2009 Run to the Sun training and the run together, and he was in the crew the very first time I ever stepped foot on the Peacocks course!  Surprise and elation, its great to be running with another HURT crew member again....  We are both training for the Tidewater 50K ( in December; here we are getting ready to go out Sat. morning on the MC Endurance course doing 5 mile loops - it's a beaut little place to get out of the city and train.  oh, yah!  Funny enough, when I first visited the Tidewater 50K web site, there is a pic on the front page of a runner wearing a HURT Shirt!  (way to go, Maur-i-ci-o!)  These people, man they get around.!  So, me and Dan-o are sending a shout out to all the HURT Ohana in HI.  It's great to reunite with an old trail buddy and have conversation and entertainment at its finest, while sharing trail miles together.  oh and I have to say thanks to my local friend here Julie P (another Julie!!), who spotted Dan wearing a HURT shirt in her neighborhood, and asked him if he knew me.  Connection made!  Wishing everyone the best, a hui ho! 

 (PS Happy Birthday Mikey ;-) !


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Good to here that the HURT spirit survives in those Virginia hills! Ya'll come on back when ya gets the chance! We can run around an island together! Ahhhhlowhaaa!

Arvel Shults

Yep, very small world :)
Have fun and hope to see you out and about!!
Benita and I are doing the Stone Mill 50m next weekend, Miss you all and Hawaii so much!!

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