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Saturday Training: December 29, 2012: 2nd Holiday Trail Run or ?

Aloha Athletes,

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. If you are looking for a way to burn off a few extra calories, head to the 2nd Holiday Run, the new informal trail runs. 

Aiea Loop Trail, 4.4 miles.
We will be starting at 7:30AM for an informal timed run on this great loop.
Expect the trail to be a little bit muddy in sections, and for years there has been a few trees across the trail, and you can either get over, or go under, there are cut-outs to place your feet = this means you can't just race full speed through it.
We will be going clockwise - so the first part will have some roots, while the last 300m. will be the asphalt road back up to the starting point (a nice steep hill).
We will have refreshments, and would like to get an estimate of how many will be running, so sign up at: 

This will also ease the sign-up procedure, as you will just have to sign-in. Suggested donation is $10.
Come out on the trail and burn some of the Holiday food off while having fun!
Directions to the park:
Follow H-1 to Moanalua Highway (Route 78). Take the ‘Aiea cutoff to the third traffic light, make a right turn at ‘Aiea Heights Drive and follow it about 3 miles up to the end of the road. Continue on the on-way park road to the trailhead.

If you have other training plans and would like some company, feel free to post in the Comments below.

Aloha, Bob

Pacer Available for Night Loops

I am interested in pacing for someone at/after 6pm on Saturday night. I've completed a 100 mile ultra, DNF'd 2 at 90 and 50 miles and have more 50 milers done than I can count. Experienced night runner. Good sense of humor and flexible in pace. Best suited to someone looking at 26-28 hour finish, but will take anyone that pace or slower.

I will be on Oahu for week, arriving at noon the Saturday of the race. Thought it would be a great chance to get in a long night run for me and help someone else out. I'm not above hanging out at the aid station to try to pick up a runner, but thought there might be somebody looking already.

joe miller
pilot2doc(at)gmail (dot) com

Saturday Training: 12-22-12 HURT Loops

Aloha Athletes,

Unknown-1Cheryl said more of the same this week. Meet at 6:00 a.m. at the Nature Center for some more HURT training. With it being just 5 days to Christmas, I am sure some of you will be fitting in training at different times and days. I know some people were out there yesterday.

We've been getting lots of rain and we need it. It has been pretty dry for the last several months. So be safe out there and just embrace it. It is all good training. 

Post your training plans in the Comments below.

Aloha, Bob

H.U.R.T. Cookbook is on its Way!

Cover-final_smThe H.U.R.T. cookbooks are in route and will arrive early January.  Pre-order your copies for just $10.00 each now. Cash payment is preferred.

Send an email with your name, the number of books that you would like, and a contact phone number to [email protected] 

Cookbooks will be available for pickup at the H.U.R.T. pre-race meeting on Friday, January 18, at the post-race dinner on Monday, January 21, and by special arrangement with me. If you would like shipping, there will be an additional cost.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project! Happy cooking!

Aloha, Marian

Saturday Training December 15, 2012: HURT Loop (s) and More

Aloha Athletes,

OK, HURT 100 runners, we are getting close. Down to 37 days before the big run. How many of you have gotten in a couple of 40 mile runs? Are you planning anything longer? I think the longest training run I did for HURT was 50 miles. Back to back long days worked well for me. It is all about time on your feet and getting your body conditioned to handle the stress of a 100 mile run. With that being said, dialing in your race day nutrition, hydration, and electrolytes should also be set. Race day is no time to experiment. If you are trying new approaches, do it now, while training. I know, I am preaching to the choir. You all know this already right?

The tough thing about HURT training--fitting in time for family and all of the other obligations during the Holiday's. Make that work though. Family time is very important. The great thing about HURT training, no worries at the Holiday buffet and concerns about putting on a few extra pounds. 

Ok, this week per Cheryl, HURT Training starting at the Nature Center at 6:00 a.m. You know the drill. Post below in the Comments if you are doing something different. 

A few other things. First, I apologize for all the crappy spam comments we keep getting on the site. I try to delete them as fast as I can and they still keep coming. Our host, Typepad has some controls in place and bans the IP address once they are blocked. I don't want to block comments so we deal with it as best we can.

Also came across this and want to share it with you. See below.

Aloha, Bob


Saturday Training December 8, 2012: HURT Loop (s) & Marathon

Aloha Athletes,

OK, if you are entered into the HURT 100 this year, as of today (Wednesday), you have 44 days left before race day. That means you should have some good long training days in the bank already and a few more scheduled. Some look at total miles or trying to get in 30-40 mile training runs. Those are good. So are doing back to back long days, say like 30 miles on Saturday and 20 miles on Sunday. Keep in mind, unless you are a top ultra runner, time on your feet is important and for most people you are looking at 30+ hours on your feet come January race day. 

The plan this weekend is more time out on the HURT course starting at the Nature Center at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday. Again, if you are new to this site and want to join in, feel free to just do as little or as much as you want out on the trails with us. We realize not everyone is entered into a 100 mile run. 

This weekend is also the Honolulu Marathon and I am sure some of you are already planning some creative way to add that into your training plans. I know in the past some have done a double marathon, others have done a HURT loop either before or after the marathon. 

Dan Wilson is visiting and arrives mid-day on Thursday. He is running the marathon and is entered into HURT this year. He is looking to get out on the HURT course--maybe even Thursday when he arrives. If you can do that, I am sure he would appreciate the company. You can contact Dan at dwilson3210 at yahoo dot com.

Place your plans in the Comments below.

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob