Saturday Training: January 26, 2013 Ho'omaluhia Shuffle/Breakfast Potluck
Saturday Training: February 2, 2013 Peacock Flats


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Jonathan Nakasone

Nice to see you again Kristin. If I dont see you at the marina before then, see you on April 6th on the Top of Tantalus. Your run time with me on Thursday was solid!


Peacock registration will be announced at one of the trail series races and opened that afternoon. I'll post a general announcement here and on the Peacock Ultramarathon Facebook page a day or two later. The race will be October 19th this year.
We've taken it off the trail series list because it's not a show-up-and-sign-up $10 race, which confused a couple of people.


Do you know if peacock is in the plans?

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