Saturday Training: January 12, 2013 Reverse Trek Loop
The HURT 100-Mile Endurance Run

Please help choose backdrop(s) for HURT100

Please only "Like" these photos if you are running in the HUR100. I'm looking for feedback to help select the backdrops (shooting positions) for the HURT100 next weekend. I can't make any guarantees that I'll make it to any particular location but I will do my best to make it to one or more of the more popular (most "Liked") locations. So, please look through them all and only "like" your favorites so it makes it easier to determine which are the overall favorites. Mahalo for your help.

Some of the preview images look like duplicates but if you look at the full photos you'll see that one is landscape and the other portrait. Some locations I might have time to capture both but some locations I won't so I posted both.

Please keep in mind these are taken in the direction you will be running toward me so you won’t see these views, aside from in photos, unless you stop and turn around while you are on the course.

Mahalo, Robert


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