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Saturday Training: January 12, 2013 Reverse Trek Loop

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday we will run a 10-mile reverse Trek loop. This is the traditional week before the HURT100 run. We plan to start at 7:00 a.m. from the Nature Center. Please be on time if you are planning to join in.

Yes, it is true, the 2013 HURT 100 is just days away. Are we going to have a wet, dry or somewhere in between course this year? What is your prediction? The last several years have seen relatively dry race conditions. 

See you out on the trails!




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Bob Mc.

MikeM, Good info here. Yes, it was a dry Fall during the usual heavy training period this year. I think you are correct in that I believe it was 2008 when we had heavy rain at night on the Manoa and Paradise side of the course. If I recall, that was the year we even had a couple of runners become hypothermic (yes, even in Hawaii) however, over in Nuuanu at the Jackass Aid Station, it was dry. I think it is too early to really say what weather we will get on race weekend.


It has been a fairly seasonal process over the past few years to get a period of wet cold weather in the peak training season, to be followed by very nice conditions for race week-end. We have some interesting weather coming in out of the west, and a low to the east that is throwing off trade squalls so it looks good for a break at just the right time. I believe 2008 was the last time we got hit hard with rain on Saturday night of the race.

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