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Bob Mc.

MikeM, Good info here. Yes, it was a dry Fall during the usual heavy training period this year. I think you are correct in that I believe it was 2008 when we had heavy rain at night on the Manoa and Paradise side of the course. If I recall, that was the year we even had a couple of runners become hypothermic (yes, even in Hawaii) however, over in Nuuanu at the Jackass Aid Station, it was dry. I think it is too early to really say what weather we will get on race weekend.


It has been a fairly seasonal process over the past few years to get a period of wet cold weather in the peak training season, to be followed by very nice conditions for race week-end. We have some interesting weather coming in out of the west, and a low to the east that is throwing off trade squalls so it looks good for a break at just the right time. I believe 2008 was the last time we got hit hard with rain on Saturday night of the race.

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