Saturday Training: March 2, 2013 Peacock Flats
Honoring Matt Leathers

Matt Leathers will be Missed!!

Matt Leathers from Robert Smith 2012
Matt L at 2012 BanquetToday we learned missing Navy Seal was one of our own, Matt Leathers. Matt finished the HURT 100 in 2012 and also participated in the 2013 race. We are all extremely sad about this loss.

My own personal experince of Matt was limited. I remember him from running up at Peacock in 2011 and Barbi and I saw him out training for HURT in early November of 2011. When race day for the HURT 100 came around in January of 2012, I saw him at the pre-race meeting but didn't recognize him as he was in full beard and I am guessing probably just returned from doing what Seals do in some far away place.

The HURT family expesses our deepest condonolences to his personal family and members of his Seal family. We know all of this hits them extremely hard as well. Here are some photos of Matt that we want to share from happier times. Thank you to photographers Robert Smith, Sharon Smith, and Justin Lottig.

  Matt Leathers 2013 HURT 100 Justin Lottig


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Steve Villiger

What a tragedy. I didn't know Matt very well, only met him a few times, but had a nice conversation with him at Maunawili last summer. He was a very friendly guy as well as a super athlete. Condolences to all of Matt's family and friends.

paul hopi

Sad,sad, news. condolences to all family. Was so impressed on meeting Matt, more so by what he didn't say rather than what he did . Rest in peace brother,You will be missed.

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